Prowler Hi and Lo Push Pull Sled

Prowler Hi and Lo Push Pull Sled

Product Description:

Prowler Hi/Lo Push Pull Sled Ð The Prowler Hi/Lo Push Pull Sled is perfect for GPP (General Physical Preparedness) work. The Prowler is designed to be the most versatile and value-packed sled on the market. Build stronger linemen and more explosive runners with this multi-faceted device!

Assembled Dimensions: 46″ L x 30.5″ W x 36″H. 1000 lb weight limit capacity.

  • For use on grass, artificial turf, dirt, cement, or black top
  • Heavy Duty 8″ x 5″ x 8mm thick Sled Skis are replaceable if worn out by use
  • Hi/Lo Push handles allow the user to work on power, speed and core strength in two different stances
  • Attach a drag strap or belt (sold separately) to the eyelets on the front for running and lunging exercises

Customer Reviews


This review is from: Prowler Hi / Lo Push Pull Sled (Misc.)
Still snow on the ground and not enough room in my basement to use it. Can’t wait to try it out. No assembly instructions, but you should be able to figure it out from looking at the picture. Just a few fasteners-wrenches are included-stack on some weights and away you go. Two weight posts are 12 inches high, enough to handle a total of 10 45 lb. plates, plenty for regular people. If you need more than 500 lbs to push/pull, you will need a bigger sled. Sturdy construction. Looks like it will last longer than I will…Read More…
This review is from: Prowler Hi / Lo Push Pull Sled (Misc.)
This was a good buy and easy to assemble. This breaks down very easily and fits in the back of my pathfinder with no problems. Used it on black top bball and moved well across the pavement. Will dig up the grass or the dirt if the ground is wet. Over all i;m pleased with my purchase and will be looking to get another one in the very near future…Read More…

Strength training programs use resistance to muscular contraction to increase your strength and muscular development. There are various ways to do it, and using elastic or gravity/ hydraulic forces for opposing muscle contraction is one of the most common ways. And for every athletes, strength training is a must. Such sessions involve working out with various strength-training equipments and each equipment is designed to focus on specific part of your body. Using weight-training equipment has various benefits, the most important being enhancing your performance. Apart from helping in muscular development, they also help in integral conditioning. This, in turn, helps lifters and other power athletes to develop a well-structured strength routine to achieve performance endurance.

There are a number of elements of a strength-training program, including hypertrophy, maximal strength, explosive power, strength endurance, and periodization. Hypertrophy refers to increased size and muscular development, while maximal strength refers to the highest level of force that you can generate. You need explosive power to develop a singular maximal effort in your specific sport. And you can develop strength endurance by using low weights and high repetitions. Finally, periodization is extremely important in strength training where you divide the entire strength-training session into succinct periods to minimize the risk of over-training.

Strength training involves using a wide variety of equipments. The following are some strength training equipment that you can use:

Pulling Sled and Strap Combo: This is pulling sleds come with nylon strap. It is lightweight and you can use the nylon strap of this strength training equipment to hold to or thru belt. Pulling Sled and Strap Combo use Olympic plates, which are great for building upper and lower body strength. It has ¼” steel deck along with post for weight and 11 gauge 1X1 steel spacers. The 13″ post helps to hold steel or bumper weight and the nylon strap is 2″ wide X 16′ long and has 18″ openings on both ends. Pulling Sled and Strap Combo is all weld construction.

Grappler: This strength training equipment helps in muscular development. Grappler helps to build your upper body and shoulder size and strength. In addition, this weight training equipment is used for conditioning, stability, and core strength. Better yet, two people can use grappler at one time. Some of these strength training equipments includes T-bar and a V-handle, though they don’t include bar.

Butcher: The Butcher is a great improvement of the traditional prowler design. This weight training equipment is coated with Rogue Signature Matte black powder to provide a better grip. It also allows hand placement variations to facilitate different pushes. In addition, it allows you to remove the weight-bearing bars for easier storage. You can use this strength training equipment to increase strength, GPP, and endurance. The Butcher is made with heavy duty steel 2″X3″ 11 gauge steel, which you can use on any surface. In addition, this weight training equipment comes with multiple bars for different pushing positions and boasts of a compact design. The removable handles of the Butcher allows for easy transport.

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