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I know many of you ask can I do physical therapy at home and get the same benefit as doing it in the clinic?

I have been a physical therapist since 2005. During this time I have realized the vitality of having my patients continue their prescribed exercise routine at home to progress toward their goals. Let’s face it, with the difficulty of my patients having the opportunity to see me in the clinic 2 let alone 3 times per week for physical therapy sessions is a thing of the past. Many individuals don’t have the liberty of participating in a formal physical therapy program with a physical therapist multiple times per week let alone even see a physical therapist for 1 consult in person for a proper exercise program to help them attain their goals. 

Physical Therapy at Home

In this world of limitations for most of the public to seek proper health care, we health care providers have been forced to accomodate to maintain our promise to fulfill your goals. Our intention as physical therapists is to maximize the functionality of our patients even when we do not have the capacity to assist them in person is a real problem. I have personally assisted thousands of my patients through online video instruction to deliver proper home exercise progression. After over 17 years of experience I have developed research based effective home exercise programs to assist people in need of exercise programs to not only mitigate their problems, but progress them towards a better quality of life.

Research on Home Physical Therapy

In our field we often utilize the importance of evidence based research to validate the importance of our daily prescriptions. The Journal of Physical Therapy Science published an article of how the effectiveness of home-based exercise programs for low back pain helped patients. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of how home based programs improved overall and long-term patient outcomes. This article outlines that parameters had improved at their final evaluation, especially when patient adherence was followed with those who performed the exercises correctly. Please read the full article here:

In conclusion, this study highlights the fact that patient adherence to the in-home physical therapy regimen and proper exercise form is required. With our exercise programs, we have made our home physical therapy exercises easy to follow and replicate with detailed video instruction. If our customers have questions about their program they are able to contact our support team or view specific video instructions to validate the importance of understanding pain vs. soreness. Pain vs. normal muscular soreness is clearly taught in all of our programs so that our customers can succeed without any misunderstanding. 

Our In-Home Physical Therapy Programs

Physical Therapy at Home

How do you know if the exercise program you are doing is working? All of our exercise programs include a tracking system and a questionnaire you will fill out periodically to validate your progress. These questionnaires are the same we use in professional settings that objectively measure your progress. You will be able to track your personal score as you complete your program. Our FAQ page contains further details on how to understand and comprehend your free questionnaire score.

Our exercise programs start with participation on a daily basis and transition to participation every other day, as we know you all have busy lives and schedules. 

As I always tell my patients, the real result is that you are improving your functionality in life. You are able to have less pain, more range of motion, improved walking ability, return to the sport you love, and are able to complete your daily necessary tasks with less pain and effort. These are the true positive affirmations of your participation. 

Our customers no doubt will have the ability to benefit from at home physical therapy exercises, for a known condition, as long as a formal physical therapy evaluation is not indicated. 

Our customers know what their problem is and they sign up for our physical therapy programs to address these problems. 

We look forward to progressing you towards your goals. 

Contact us if you have any questions.

Dr Marty

dr marty sanchez - Can I Do Physical Therapy Exercise On My Own?
Dr. Marty Sanchez is a licensed Physical Therapist and owner of Desire Wellness where he, and his wife, Dr. Emily Sanchez have teamed up with other primary care providers to bring multiple resources for healing, improved vitality and mobility. Dr. Marty received his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Azusa Pacific University in 2005. Follow Dr. Marty Sanchez on Facebook and LinkedIn