Our Affiliate Program.

Do your patients need physical therapy, mental health, weight loss, or nutritional assistance?

In the privacy of your patient’s own home, our online services can help.

  • Affordable monthly fee

  • No co-pay or insurance necessary

  • No travel time

  • Easy referral fax service available

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Desire Wellness was established to help people to attain vital health care, exercise and wellness instruction that they might not otherwise have access to. Our goal is to allow people to have the best physical therapy solutions via our online program platform. 

We believe all people should have what they need to become healthier beings without getting into medical debt or even bankruptcy.

Patient Care

Highlights of Our Solution

Exercises from laptop

At Desire Wellness, we want to help those who may not have access to traditional physical therapy, such as the older adult or disabled, sedentary middle to lower income individual, or your patient that wishes to complete a proven physical therapy program at home and avoid crowded and expensive gyms. 

We have a simplified way of receiving treatment at their home. 

All programs may be completed by a device with internet access such as a smartphone, laptop, desktop or other device able to connect to the internet. 

There is no need to have your patients  leave their homes to progress towards their goals. 

We will provide FREE access to any and all Mental Health courses for ALL patients with your company when they utilize one of our physical therapy programs.

We Offer

  • Generalized Body Mobility and Flexibility

  • Shoulder Mobility

  • Low Back and Core Strengthening

  • Hip Recovery

  • Knee Restoration

  • Pelvic Floor Fitness

  • Child Psychology for Parents

  • Adult Mental Health

  • Older Adult Mental Health

For the Exercise Programs you may choose Standard, Standard Plus or Platinum level.

Platinum includes:

  • 6 x 20-minute live virtual consults with Dr. Marty
  • FREE exercise bands

All three programs include:

  • 24/7 unlimited access
  • unlimited email support
  • Free Facebook community chat groups
  • FREE inclusion into our live Q & A sessions with “Ask Dr. Marty anything” which are held one Saturday per month for 1 hour

Participants will complete the exercise program daily or every other day as prescribed

Desire wellness Programs

Steps for Your Residents / Employees to Start the Program:

Step 3 - Select the Program

Choose which program to participate in

Step 4

Click Buy Now/Start Free Trial

Step 5

Input name and email. Choose United States, Click on “Add Coupon Code Here”

Step 6

Click “Start Learning”. Customer will also receive welcome email with clear instructions

Becoming an affiliate member can offer several benefits: you will have access to exclusive resources, information, or discounts that are not available to the general public.

Referral Program or Affiliate Program.

Our Referral Program will allow every one of your patients 20% off every single program we offer.  Please use the following fax referral form (right click link and then save as, to save to your PC)

Our Affiliate Program will compensate your facility 20% for every patient that joins any program we offer, following a 30-day grace period.

We compensate your facility 20% of all costs made for all patients after the 30-day grace period. This offer applies to all Standard Programs we offer. It’s just that simple.

If your facility wishes to allow the option for all of your patients having full access at any time, please contact our team for details.

  • Customers may cancel their membership at any time.
  • Customers will have the option to opt into a daily, weekly, or monthly text or email reminder to keep up with their program.
  • We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if not satisfied.
  • Your patients will have unlimited access to their programs and email inquiries to all of our doctors.
  • Use the following Health Facility Referral form. (right click link and then save as, to save to your PC)

Contact our team to get started and allow your patients to incorporate wellness into their lives.

Go ahead and Take a Moment to Explore Desire Wellness and Join us on the Wellness Journey