Managed Care Partner

Desire Wellness was established to help people attain vital health care, exercise and wellness instruction that they might not otherwise have access to. Our goal is to deliver effective and convenient physical therapy solutions to your members via our online delivery platform..

Desire Wellness is your community resource partner, offering health support to improve your clients’ health outcomes and wellness concerns.

Our online programs remove the need to navigate and access the healthcare system by enabling your clients to receive on demand guidance and care in physical and mental health care in a natural healing way without the use of medications in the comfort of their own homes.

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Desire Wellness Goals:

We wish to assist your facility with improving client outcomes and reducing debilitating and chronic diseases. Our programs are not indicated for clients that require formal in person physical therapy services. The best part is there is NO insurance required.

Managed Care Partner

This plan is best designed for companies who:

  • 1

    Employ case managers who would refer their clients to physical therapy, mental health and weight loss services

  • 2

    Employ individuals who struggle with the physical aspects of their jobs and who are subject to injury

  • 3

    Want to promote improved mental health for employees

  • 4

    Want to offer personalized professional weight loss and nutrition for your clients and employees

  • 5

    Have clients at assisted living facilities or other supervised homes who would benefit from improved access to wellness programs

Highlights of Our Solution

At Desire Wellness, we want to help those who may not have access to traditional physical therapy, mental health, weight loss, and nutrition programs. This is also for those that may not have the means to attain transportation and pay the high monetary cost of in-person professional medical services.

Desire Wellness strives to save your company health and transportation related expenses while optimizing your clients’ functionality and overall wellbeing for each and every one of your clients.

The exercise programs are extremely easy to follow and participate with and designed to be completed at home. 

All programs may be completed by a device with internet access such as a smartphone, laptop, desktop or other device able to connect to the internet. 

There is no need to have your residents/clients even leave their rooms or homes to progress towards their goals. 

We also recognize the link between your client’s physical wellbeing and mental health. 

Exercises from laptop

We Offer

  • Generalized Body Mobility and Flexibility

  • Shoulder Mobility

  • Low Back and Core Strengthening

  • Hip Recovery

  • Knee Restoration

  • Pelvic Floor Fitness

  • Child Psychology for Parents

  • Adult Mental Health

  • Older Adult Mental Health

For the Exercise Programs you may choose Standard or Platinum level.

Platinum includes:

  • 6 x 20-minute live virtual consults with Dr. Marty
  • FREE exercise bands

BOTH programs include:

  • 24/7 unlimited access
  • unlimited email support
  • Free Facebook community chat groups
  • FREE inclusion into our live Q & A sessions with “Ask Dr. Marty anything” which are held one Saturday per month for 1 hour

Participants will complete the exercise program daily or every other day as prescribed

Desire wellness Programs

Steps for Your Residents / Employees to Start the Program:

Step 3 - Select the Program

Choose which program to participate in

Step 4

Click Buy Now/Start Free Trial

Step 5

Input name and email. Choose United States, Click on “Add Coupon Code Here”

Step 6

Click “Start Learning”. Customer will also receive welcome email with clear instructions

When we partner with your company we are offering our physical therapy, mental health, nutrition and weight loss programs to your employees, clients, residents or to your patients.

We will assign you a code to access any of our programs for your users.  Depending on usage, we will calculate and bill you monthly for services rendered.  Your company then can choose how to collect from users or merely include it as a wellness service for your employees/clients/residents.

Go ahead and Take a Moment to Explore Desire Wellness and Join us on the Wellness Journey

Benefits of an Online Personal Therapy Company

Using our online physical therapy programs can help you with access to a wider pool of physical therapists, which can increase the chances of finding a therapist who is a good fit for your clients. This can be particularly helpful if you have clients who live in rural or remote areas where there may be a shortage of physical therapists.

Our online physical therapy programs can help streamline the referral process, making it faster and more efficient. Rather than having to call multiple physical therapy clinics and coordinate appointments, you can simply refer your clients to the online company, which will handle the scheduling and coordination of appointments with their network of physical therapists.

An online physical therapy company may offer additional services and resources that can benefit your clients, such as telehealth appointments, educational materials, and online exercises and resources.

Overall, using a physical therapy online company to refer clients to your case managers can help ensure that your clients receive timely and high-quality care, while also reducing the administrative burden on your team.