Desire Wellness Visits Health TIE
By Categories: Physical TherapyLast Updated: July 24, 2023

Desire Wellness Visits Health TIE: Bridging Healthcare Organizations and Entrepreneurs Together

By Dr. Marty Sanchez

I recently had the opportunity to present at Health TIE, an Alaskan organization that helps health care organizations connect with entrepreneurs that have products and services that will help decrease health care costs to provide accessible health care services for all. 

Health TIE executive director Jacqueline Summers reached out and asked Desire Wellness to visit Health TIE and present our physical therapy solutions and the history of Desire Wellness. As a local Alaskan for the last decade, this was quite an honor.

In 2015 I contracted with Orthopedic Physicians Alaska in beautiful Anchorage Alaska.  My brother, nephew and I drove a U-Haul truck, filled with all the belongings I owned, up the west coast of the U.S. from San Diego, through British Columbia Canada, to Anchorage. Born and raised in southern California this was quite a change and culture shock, and I immediately fell in love with everything Alaska is!

Challenges With Access To Corporate Wellness Programs

I quickly began to see the difficulty many Alaskans experience in accessing and participating in professional rehabilitative and exercise programs. This was well before the global pandemic, and most people had no idea what tele-health was. I would often complete an examination with a patient, and within days they were back to their remote villages or small towns without immediate access to a doctor’s office or medical facilities. I often had patient’s follow-up with me via telephone or use a video teleconference platform to progress them. Through this method I was able to help hundreds of my patients, but it wasn’t enough. 

Once the pandemic hit, I had some time to really put things into motion. In 2015, I started to develop rough draft programs by gathering up-to-date, evidence based research for optimal physical therapy and exercise programs. 

In March of 2019 during the COVID lockdown, implementation started. I had the time to start some filming, create a formal business plan, and lay down the framework for Desire Wellness. Since then, we have added more body regions to our physical therapy courses, and we now offer access to mental health education and weight loss and nutrition coaches. 

From the beginning, my vision was simple:  Offer affordable health care services to all Alaskans no matter if they have insurance, geographical limitations, or limited socio-economic status. While the core of our business will always be our physical therapy and exercise programs, we will continually add other health care professional services over time.

We’re looking forward to moving into new areas while continuing to build on our strong foundation and we look forward to serving you and the people you care about.

If you’d like to learn more about Health TIE and Desire Wellness, you can check out our presentation on YouTube.

dr marty sanchez - Desire Wellness Visits Health TIE: Bridging Healthcare Organizations and Entrepreneurs Together
Dr. Marty Sanchez is a licensed Physical Therapist and owner of Desire Wellness where he, and his wife, Dr. Emily Sanchez have teamed up with other primary care providers to bring multiple resources for healing, improved vitality and mobility. Dr. Marty received his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Azusa Pacific University in 2005. Follow Dr. Marty Sanchez on Facebook and LinkedIn