• This is a commonly used questionnaire by health care professionals to objectify lower extremity disability with everyday tasks. Most individuals participating with the Desire Wellness program may not score significantly low. The general population may have disorders that would warrant scoring on this model. Scoring is measured anywhere from 0-100%. The lower the score the greater the disability, as opposed to the Low back and Shoulder Assessments. The higher the score the lower the disability, and higher the function. Optimally, you would like to be at or working towards a score of 100%. This is a great tool to use if you have a problem on one or both sides of the lower extremities.

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Please do not focus so much on your first score, most important is that your score trends positively in your favor. Please note, you may never attain a perfect score, this is normal as we age, yet most important is that you are able to maximize function and minimize your regions’ disability.