• Hip pain and dysfunction can be a complicated region to treat, strengthen and improve. Pain may arise as referred pain from the low back and pelvis and may even be affected by joints down the chain including the knee, ankle, and foot.

    The hip is a ball and socket joint. It includes the thigh bone (femur) and the hip socket (acetabulum). It is much more stable than the ball and socket joint of the shoulder. It must withstand significant forces as a primary weight bearing joint in the body, especially with prolonged walking, jogging, and walking on uneven surfaces. These activities make the hip susceptible to injury, muscle imbalances throughout the pelvis and legs, and weakness from inactivity.

    Hip level 1 will slowly and safely assist you with resuming proper posture, easy to follow motion restoration of hip and adjacent joints, and appropriately prepare you for phase 2 and 3 of the program.

    Once you have completed level one, successfully implementing its instructions and exercises, you may progress to level two, and so on.

    We at Desire Wellness recommend 30 days of participation at each respective level. Each person progresses at his or her own rate.

    Remember, everyone is different, taking into account age, medical history, compliance, and ability for each activity. It is best to take your time at each level, not trying to get to the next level too quickly.

    Muscle fiber size increase, also called hypertrophy, takes approximately 6-8 weeks to occur. With this in mind, consistency and patience is the key. It is completely normal to have some muscular soreness with this specialized program. Too much soreness might mean you need to either decrease the intensity level, or return back one level and participate with that for a longer period of time. Mild muscular soreness the following day or 2 is your goal.

    We are confident that you will see positive results within 30 days.