• Knee pain is fairly common with most adults as they age. This may arise from internal tissue degradation, weakness at the knee joint, or improper alignment. This weakness often goes along with weakness at the corresponding hip and pelvic joints. There can be tightness in nearby tissue that keeps the knee from aligning properly, or pain could be referred from the nerves that exit your low back.

    The knee is a hinge joint and includes the thigh bone (femur) and the lower leg (tibia and fibula). In addition to the hinge function of the knee there is quite a bit of rotational movement that must occur, without excess, for optimal knee health. The knee is reliant on sufficient strength and flexibility from adjacent areas such as the hip and pelvis to maintain proper knee health and stability.

    It is also quite common for an individual who has had a knee surgery or joint replacement, to regress later, despite a successful surgery and post-operative recuperation. Knee pain and tightness will be experienced after nearly every knee surgery, which may be very mild to significant. If optimal strength and flexibility are not continued in that extremity, our bodies feel it as ‘knee pain,” or “instability.”

    Once you have completed level 1, successfully performing the exercises without pain or excessive soreness, and are independent with these exercises, you are ready for level 2.

    We at Desire Wellness recommend 30 days of participation at each respective level. Each person progresses at his or her own rate.

    Remember, everyone is different, taking into account age, medical history, compliance, and ability for each activity. It is best to take your time at each level, not trying to get to the next level too quickly.

    Muscle fiber size increase, also called hypertrophy, takes approximately 6-8 weeks to occur. With this in mind, consistency and patience is the key. It is completely normal to have some muscular soreness with this specialized program. Too much soreness might mean you need to either decrease the intensity level, or return back one level and participate with that for a longer period of time. Mild muscular soreness the following day or 2 is your goal.

    We are confident that you will see positive results within 30 days.