Health and Nutrition Weight Loss Program

A Quick and Simple Health and Nutrition Weight Loss Program Designed for Busy People

Do you want to get healthier but don’t know where to start?

We can introduce you to a personalized Health and Nutrition Weight Loss Program, scientifically-based and designed to help you reach your goals. We provide more than just a weight-loss solution. With this program, you’ll learn simple techniques and nutritional tips from your personal health coach to help you quickly transition to a healthier lifestyle and maintain it.

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What You Will Receive

  • Guidance to not only lose weight but to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life

  • An easy program to specifically tailor to your busy lifestyle and health goals

  • Personalized guidance from a health coach and educational resources throughout your health journey

  • Learn to stabilize your blood sugar throughout the day to kick-start the fat-burning process

  • Get educated on the meals you make and learn how you can create easy healthier meals to stabilize your blood sugar

  • Science-based nutritional advice and tips to help you maintain a healthy weight so you can live the life you want

  • A supportive community to help you along the way and also provide the accountability we all need

How Does the Health and Nutrition Weight Loss Program Work?

Dr. Emily Sanchez will guide you through the stages of your weight loss journey, from starting your weight loss program to reaching your goal weight and then maintaining that weight.

Dr. Emily Sanchez runs the Health and Nutrition Weight Loss Program

Dr. Emily Sanchez completed her doctorate in physical therapy in 2007 from Loma Linda University.  Her initial journey started in sunny San Diego where she practiced as an acute care physical therapist at Scripps Mercy Hospital.  Following this she practiced in a variety of settings including short and long term rehabilitation centers, hospitals and eventually became specialized in the home health setting when she relocated with her family to practice in Anchorage Alaska.  She endeared her job of helping her patients to become more independent and have the capacity to mobilize outside of their home.  But she always wanted something more.

Dr. Emily has always known the key to preserving and continually improving one’s life has to start with proper food consumption.  She practices this daily with her 2 young growing boys.  She has always known the importance of how proper nutrition and daily movement will prolong one’s life.  Dr. Emily has transitioned her career to promote health and wellness by becoming a certified health coach.  As a doctoral trained physical therapist she understands the science and physiology of how our eating habits will immediately improve and prolong our lives.

Dr. Emily takes her extensive knowledge and skills to successfully and personally coach you to become the person you’d like to be.  Her scientific understanding of proper fuel consumption coupled with adequate daily movement will help you to reach your personal goals.

Dr Emily looks forward to helping you with your nutrition needs and personally guiding you on a typically difficult journey.  Her program is easy to follow, minimizing difficult decision making to help you reach your goal weight, transitioning you to a desired food schedule and maintaining your optimal proper weight for a lifetime.

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Here’s How the Process Works:

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