How to Encourage Employee Participation and Engagement in Corporate Wellness
By Categories: GeneralLast Updated: April 20, 2023

Corporate wellness programs are an effective way for employers to support their employees’ health and well-being. While providing a corporate wellness program is the employer’s responsibility, simply offering a program is not enough – employers must also take steps to ensure employee engagement and participation. 

Here are five key strategies employers can proactively use to boost engagement in their workplace wellness programs:

Communicate effectively: Employers should clearly communicate the benefits of wellness programs and the resources available to employees. This can be done through company-wide emails, newsletters, announcements, or even a fun launch party or health fair. Make sure employees know what’s available to them and how to utilize the wellness programs provided.

Make wellness programs convenient and accessible: A company should make wellness programs easy to participate in. This could involve offering on-site wellness activities, such as yoga or workplace fitness classes, and providing healthy food options in the cafeteria.  An online program or phone app with tracking devices is always a good idea to increase wellness engagement for employees.

Lead by example: The staff leadership within the company should participate in wellness initiatives and promote the importance of the programs to the rest of the company. When employees see their leaders engaged in wellness activities, they are more likely to follow suit.

Incentivize: Offering wellness incentives, such as discounts on health insurance premiums or gift cards to employees who participate in wellness programs, can help motivate employees to engage in healthy behaviors. Healthy challenges can also be a fun way to encourage participation and then reward employees for their success.

Provide feedback: Regular feedback on progress and the impact of their wellness efforts can help keep employees motivated and engaged. Establishing an in-house online chat where employees can check in with each other and provide positive feedback can also drive engagement and participation.

Employee engagement is a critical component of employee wellness programs, and a program is only effective if employees are engaged and motivated to participate.. By implementing these strategies, employers can improve employee engagement in workplace wellness programs and create a culture of health and well-being that leads to better overall health outcomes, improved job satisfaction, and increased productivity.

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Dr. Kim Lazarus is a licensed Chiropractor and Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with training in Lifestyle Medicine. She has teamed up with Desire Wellness to bring our corporate wellness programs to the next level with the wellness tools needed to support employees and patients. She first moved to Alaska in 1990 to coach figure skating and has pursued many outdoor adventure sports. Her experiences have instilled in her a deep appreciation for the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. Dr. Lazarus brings this passion and commitment to her work every day, helping individuals and organizations alike to achieve their wellness goals.