Physical Therapy Myths
By Categories: GeneralLast Updated: February 16, 2023

There are still many misconceptions regarding physical therapy despite the fact that it is a vital part of healthcare programs for many people. Here are seven myths about physical therapy:

  1. Only those with serious injuries need physical therapy treatment. The truth is that physical therapy may help people with a wide range of ailments, from joint stiffness to recent accidents and injuries to degenerative conditions like arthritis, diabetes and poor posture.
  2. Physical therapy treatment hurts. A qualified physical therapist will create a treatment plan that is successful and can even be enjoyable for the patient, even though physical therapy may cause very mild discomfort in the short term, the long term benefits are amazing.
  3. Only athletes need physical therapy. Regardless of age or your level of fitness, physical therapy is for anybody who wishes to enhance their overall physical function and lessen pain.
  4. Only doing exercises is physical therapy. To help patients reach their goals, physical therapy includes methods like manual therapy, a wide range of modalities, and patient education.
  5. You need a lot of sessions to see results. Physical therapy sessions can range in frequency and duration depending on the patient’s needs, though most patients experience improvements within days or a week.
  6. The cost of physical therapy is too high. While most physical therapy is often covered by insurance, it is also possible to access effective physical therapy without insurance and without a referral from a doctor. In fact, Desire Wellness specializes in multiple care options.

Physical therapy is a trusted and reliable solution that can enhance physical performance, improve your daily functionality and lessen pain. Don’t allow these misconceptions to keep you from exploring the advantages of physical therapy. Visit us today to check out all of our immediately effective and easy to follow programs at Desire Wellness.

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