Benefits of Resistance Band Training for Seniors - The Best Resistance Bands for Seniors
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The Benefits of Resistance Band Training for Seniors

An integral part of strength training requires utilizing resistance band exercise. Why? Our amazing human body can acclimate to the demands placed upon it. This concept is truly the essence of ‘exercising’. Our bodies are designed to move. Every one of our body systems depends on it. So much to elaborate on here, but let’s just stick to our topic.

How to Choose the Best Resistance Bands for Your Workout

When health care and exercise training professionals practice the art of strength training, we use resistance to move more force production than our bodies are ‘used to’. Over time, our bodies adapt and transform to be able to push through this mass more easily. I’m sure you have felt these effects first hand some time in your life. Whether you are using weights, lifting heavy objects at work or home, or completing repetitive tasks with weight, you have at some point certainly felt the effects that you became accustomed to these tasks with greater ease over time. This is precisely the concept of strength training.

The Efficacy of Elastic Resistance Training Compared to Traditional Resistance Training Methods

We at Desire Wellness offer a low-cost product of resistance bands to purchase that allows you to use resistance to improve your overall body strength. What are the best resistance bands to use? Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Are you amazed that I’m being brutally honest here? All that matters is that you have equipment that will allow you to use objects that require more work than your body is used to. As a physical therapist treating people of all ages and socio-economic status, the luxury of purchasing gym memberships is usually not an option. I have taught thousands of my previous patients to use cans of food, old resistance bands that they have had for many years, using ankle weights, or even modifying their workout programs to use their body weight.

To validate this rationale, please read this article I have located at the National Library of Medicine called ‘Effects of training with elastic resistance versus conventional resistance on muscular strength: A systematic review and meta-analysis”.

This article demonstrates the differences between using traditional weights and expensive workout machines vs. using exercise tubes and bands in gaining strength in a workout program. In conclusion, elastic resistance training can promote similar strength gains to conventional resistance training using free weights and sophisticated workout machines often found in expensive gyms.

Click on this link to view the exercise bands used in all of our exercise programs, and they will be shipped directly to your home:

Why you need these bands:

  • Research shows that these bands are just as effective as expensive gym equipment for building strength
  • You can easily switch bands during your workout routine, for more or less resistance
  • Our package includes 3 longer bands and 3 loop bands, all of the varying resistances
  • They pack easily so you can them take with you during travel and you don’t miss a day of training
  • All of our exercise programs, led by certified personal trainers, will instruct you how to use each one, including proper starting positions and range of motion for upper body exercises
  • You can easily tie loops at the end of the long bands for ease of use with arthritic hands

Our bands here at work:

The Best Resistance Bands for Seniors Resistance Bands for Seniors

The Best Resistance Bands Resistance Bands

In conclusion, the Desire Wellness exercise programs will provide you with optimal strength training in an inexpensive efficacious environment completed in the comfort of your own home.

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