Lower Back Injury Prevention and Strength Program

Lower Back Injury Prevention and Strength Program starts with appropriate strength and flexibility. Lower back exercises will consist of structures that are also part of the ‘core’. Lower back and core workouts are synonymous meaning you cannot work one without the other. The exercises we instruct, which are often taught in a physiotherapy regimen to address low back pain, are easy to do and can be done anywhere including your home. These simple exercises are indicated for all ages, including young adults, middle-aged and older adults including seniors.

Low back pain may arise from a multitude of body imbalances and pathological issues. Ultimately, the lumbar spine and pelvis symbiotically work best when alignment, strength, and flexibility harmoniously work together to allow the body to function at its greatest potential.

The lumbar spine generally includes 5 bones called vertebrae that help to connect your upper torso to your pelvis and lower body. In practice, this is one of the most commonly treated areas of the body in the physical rehabilitation world. Many jobs are relatively sedentary, making it difficult to be physically active. Low back pain is frequently associated with inadequate physical activity.

Sometimes after an injury, surgery, or disease, this balance can be altered leading to pain, weakness, and ultimately functional deficits interrupting your regular daily routine.

When this occurs you are reminded that, in order to regain proper alignment, strength, and flexibility, something needs to happen.

Low back level 1 will slowly and safely assist you with resuming proper alignment, regaining proper postural awareness, improving movement patterns, and progressing with basic strengthening in preparation for levels 2 and 3.

Level 2 will introduce resistance bands to be used which are necessary to increase strength. The principles and education in levels 1 and 2 will appropriately transition you to level 3. Level 3 low back and core will progress you to standing dynamic activities and balance exercises that are more ‘life-like.’

Muscle fiber size increase, also called hypertrophy, takes approximately 6-8 weeks to occur. With this in mind, consistency and patience is the key. It is completely normal to have some muscular soreness with this specialized program. Too much soreness might mean you need to either decrease the intensity level or return back one level and participate with that for a longer period of time. Mild muscular soreness the following day or 2 is your goal.

We are confident that you will see positive results within 30 days.

Dr. Marty Sanchez

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