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Full Body Mobility and Flexibility Exercise Program

I have reviewed thousands and thousands of journal articles, reviewed meta-analysis data, and been part of research studies that indicate the importance of regular exercise, or as I like to describe it, living an active lifestyle.

A profound statement referenced below is from the latest edition of Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, published by the Department of Health and Human Services:

Being physically active is one of the most important actions that people of all ages can take to improve their health. The evidence reviewed for this second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans is clear—physical activity fosters normal growth and development and can make people feel better, function better, sleep better, and reduce the risk of a large number of chronic diseases. Health benefits start immediately after exercising, and even short episodes of physical activity are beneficial. Even better, research shows that just about everyone gains benefits: men and women of all races and ethnicities, young children to older adults, women who are pregnant or postpartum (first year after delivery), people living with a chronic condition or a disability, and people who want to reduce their risk of chronic disease. ?

The Full Body Physical Therapy Program will allow you to take advantage of addressing impairments in all of the major joints of the body including weakness, stiffness, pain to name a few, and slowly and safely progress the body to allow you optimal outcomes. The major joints addressed in this program include the shoulders, entire spine, hips, knees and all their adjacent joints and structures required for success. This is truly a full body exercise program. I have taken individual exercises often used to treat individual regions in a physical therapy program, and integrated them into a full body exercise program for healthy adults and older adults. This program is safe for all ages including, young adults, middle aged adults, older adults and elders. The best part is that this program can all be done right in the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of our Full Body Treatment

Desire Wellness offers a Complete Full Body Mobility and Flexibility Exercise Program. You are professionally guided through the program by a trained and experienced professional thru a series of videos and pdfs providing step-by-step instructions guiding you thru each day of the program. All phases of the program are safe for both men and women. A questionnaire provides an objective method to track your progress.

And, best of all, all programs are done at home! Unlimited 24/7 access. No appointments. No waiting rooms. No travel.

Here are just a few benefits of our Full Body Mobility and Flexibility Exercise Program:

full body mobility exercise

Pain Management

This program will immediately improve your mobility, strength and endurance allowing you to move better thus in most cases feeling less overall pain in as little time as a few days, but may take a few weeks.

Improving Muscle Function

This program will help improve muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance. Strengthening exercises are tailored to address a whole body approach to help with weakness and reduce muscle imbalances, which can contribute to pain.

Enhancing Range of Motion

This program is skillfully tailored to you and we have developed stretching and mobility exercises to help restore and maintain joint flexibility.

Posture Correction

Poor posture can exacerbate musculoskeletal pain. Our program will immediately teach proper body mechanics and ergonomics to reduce stress on the muscles and joints, improving overall comfort.

Balance and Coordination

This program will improve your stability and reduce the risk of falls.

Tailored Approach

This program is set up for you to progress at your own comfortable pace. Even with extended periods of time off, we will teach you how to properly return safely to your program so that you may continue to reach your goals.

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