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Lower Back Pain Relief / Core Strengthening Exercise Program

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints by adults.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Low back pain may arise from a multitude of body imbalances and pathological issues. Ultimately, the lumbar spine and pelvis symbiotically work best when alignment, strength, and flexibility harmoniously work together to allow the body to function at its greatest potential.

The lumbar spine generally includes 5 bones called vertebrae that help to connect your upper torso to your pelvis and lower body. In practice, this is one of the most commonly treated areas of the body in the physical rehabilitation world. Many jobs are relatively sedentary, making it difficult to be physically active. Low back pain is frequently associated with inadequate physical activity.

Sometimes after an injury, surgery, or disease, this balance can be altered leading to pain, weakness, and ultimately functional deficits interrupting your regular daily routine.

When this occurs you are reminded that, in order to regain proper alignment, strength, and flexibility, something needs to happen.

Treating Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Injury Prevention and Strength Program starts with appropriate strength and flexibility. Lower back exercises will consist of structures that are also part of the ‘core’. Lower back and core workouts are synonymous meaning you cannot work one without the other. The exercises we instruct, which are often taught in a physiotherapy regimen to address low back pain, are easy to do and can be done anywhere including your home. These simple exercises are indicated for all ages, including young adults, middle-aged and older adults including seniors.

Desire Wellness offers a complete Lower Back Pain Relief / Core Strengthening Exercise Program. You are professionally guided through the program by a trained and experienced professional thru a series of videos and pdfs providing step-by-step instructions guiding you thru each day of the program. All phases of the program are safe for both men and women. A questionnaire provides an objective method to track your progress.

And, best of all, all programs are done at home! Unlimited 24/7 access. No appointments. No waiting rooms. No travel.

Benefits of our Lower Back Treatment

Here are just a few benefits of our Lower Back Pain Relief / Core Strengthening Exercise Program:

Pain Relief

Our Low Back and Core program employs specific exercises to alleviate pain and discomfort in the lower back.

low back pain relief exercise

Muscle Strengthening

Weakness in the muscles supporting the lower back can contribute to pain and instability. Our program includes exercises designed to strengthen the core muscles, including the abdominal and back muscles, which play a critical role in maintaining spinal stability.

Improving Flexibility

Our program works on increasing the flexibility and range of motion in the lumbar spine and surrounding muscles. Stretching exercises can help reduce stiffness and improve mobility.

Posture Correction

Poor posture can exacerbate low back pain. Our program will immediately improve your posture and provide guidance on proper body mechanics and ergonomics to help you maintain a neutral spine position and reduce strain on the lower back.

Gait and Movement Improvement

Our program will provide corrective exercises and techniques to improve your movement and walking quality and efficiency.

Core Stabilization

A strong and stable core is crucial for supporting the lower back. We teach you how to engage and strengthen the deep core muscles to provide better spinal support.

Pain Reduction Techniques

Our program may reduce pain and inflammation in the lower back.

Ergonomics and Body Mechanics

The program provides education on proper lifting techniques, sitting posture, and workplace ergonomics to prevent further back strain and injury.

Home Exercise Programs

All of our programs are designed to continue with a home exercise program tailored to your needs, allowing you to continue your rehabilitation independently and maintain your progress for life.

Functional Activities

If low back pain has limited your ability to perform daily activities or participate in sports or recreational activities, our program provides functional training exercises to help you regain these abilities.

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